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To infinity and beyond... ∞


I don’t think that Alison has changed as much as she is pretending to have changed. She is still keeping tons of secrets. She didn’t tell them that she hit Mona. And she is completely manipulating Emily.

Emily was her favorite because Emily did exactly what she was told. She was loyal to Ali and…


But i’m curious as to how Ali is going to clear herself of A’s swinging fireplace utensil so quickly?


Another pll question..

Are we supposed to think that jenna and sydney are twins/related? It would kind of make sense that marlene wanted chloe bridges specifically for the role of sydney because she looks similar to jenna?


So Tammin confirmed that someone has a twin sister, but it isn’t Alison. So me and halebb came up with a theory last night.

What if Bethany, the girl in Alison’s grave, is Jason’s fraternal twin sister? They said someone is going to have a twin, but it’s not going to be Alison. So…